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Courtesy clause: The ship model and animation is designed by Tsuneishi Technical Services (Phils.), Inc.

3D Piping and Outfitting

Outfitting Basic Design

Integrated, database-driven design module that provides powerful tools for 3D layout- piping-, HVAC-, electrical- and outfitting structural design of ship and offshore projects. LEARN MORE!

Outfitting Detailed Design

CADMATIC Outfitting Basic Design consists of efficient modules that help your design team to create complete and accurate 3D outfitting models. The core system for outfitting design is 3D equipment and piping layout. It also includes electrical design, air ducts and HVAC, piping supports, and steel outfitting. LEARN MORE!

Production information

Generate various types of data for outfitting production: layout drawings, isometrics, spools, units for prefabrication and direct exports to CNC machines. LEARN MORE! 


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Experience of Deltamarin Poland

Customer testimonial- Deltamarin Poland


The Deltamarin team in Poland supports the Deltamarin Group. Remaining an independent company, it also provides a full scope of design and engineering services. Therefore, versatile and flexible software is crucial to meet the needs of the marine, offshore oil and gas industries. Explore why the company appreciates the CADMATIC user experience and overall quality!

What other customers do think of CADMATIC?

“The implementation and training period was very satisfactory and the CADMATIC design tools have been well received by our staff”
Federico Álvarez Ordóñez
Head of tendering and estimation, Ghenova
“This is a remarkably short period of time for a yacht of this complexity and magnitude”
Marek Misiewicz
Manager IT, Oceanco
“CADMATIC has its own characteristics and it differentiates itself from its competitors since it is easier to operate and much more efficient. It also saves man hours and improves our engineering quality”
Mr. More Chen
Chief Engineer, Shanghai Respect Marine Engineering Tech. Co.
Our model ‘knows’ how much time it takes to assemble a work package and can present the installation sequence with material information in such a way that materials are packed in exactly the order they are required”
Pekka Puranen
CAD Development Manager

CADMATIC Marine Outfitting key features:


  • Ensure consistent look and feel across all diagrams in multi-user, multi-site environments.
  • Ensure unique position numbering in the project, between all designers.
  • Run comparisons between diagrams and the 3D model to detect differences in network topology or object properties and to follow the degree of preparedness of diagrams and 3D modeling.

Basic and Detailed Design

  • Efficient solution for producing 3D models and documentation for class approval, shipowner or customer, and for seamless use in all design stages.
  • Provide complete and accurate output for the stages of assembly and production.
  • Generate automatically-annotated project documentation as well as portable, lightweight 3D models that can be used for project reviews and status tracking.

Collaboration in 3D

  • Highly scalable multiuser system for globally distributed design teams.
  • Automatic data sync and ownership conflicts resolution.
  • Ensured IPR, give access only to needed parts of the project.
  • Optimal performance also with large, complex 3D models.
  • Lear more about distributed design