• See how you can quickly create a block of a ship from scratch with CADMATIC Hull
Courtesy clause: The ship model and animation by Tsuneishi Technical Services (Phils.), Inc.

Hull module for Basic Design

This CADMATIC Hull Application is a core module for 3D modeling of hull structures. It was developed specifically for naval architects and ship design engineers to meet their needs.

Hull module for Detailed Design

This is another core module of the CADMATIC Hull Application. It is used for detailed design and production engineering of hull blocks, assemblies, panels and parts.

Easy inspection with Hull Viewer

A unique tool for fast 3D hull model inspection with fly through, orbit and spinning visualization. It helps to define work packages and organize a work breakdown structure.

Immediate export of production information

Accurate, automatic and customizable output for hull production suitable for any manufacturing process. It includes interfaces and solutions that support automatic production, prefabrication and assembly lines.

Watch how CADMATIC Customers use Hull Products

Experience of Bluetech Finland

CADMATIC’s customer Bluetech Finland

Bluetech is a Finnish company focused on cruise, ro-pax and cargo ship design for shipyards, shipowners, and marine suppliers. Vessels designed by Bluetech are known for the world’s lowest fuel consumption per cargo unit, while maintaining the highest cargo volume capacity in their class. Learn why such a high-tech company decided to start using CADMATIC software solutions and gain insights into their impressions of the software during pilot project testing.ga-yachts!

What other customers do think of CADMATIC?

“This is a remarkably short period of time for a yacht of this complexity and magnitude, and so it was a real challenge to build the yacht”
Marek Misiewicz
Manager IT, Oceanco
“CADMATIC has its own characteristics and it differentiates itself from its competitors since it is easier to operate and more efficient. It also saves man hours and improves our engineering quality”
Mr. More Chen
Chief Engineer, Shanghai Respect Marine Engineering Tech. Co.
“The implementation and training period was very satisfactory and the CADMATIC design tools have been well received by our staff”
Federico Álvarez Ordóñez
Head of tendering and estimation, Ghenova
“The use of reference planes and parameters allowed us to create a 3D design in days instead of weeks.
Markus Brinkman
Steel Design Manager, Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft

CADMATIC Hull key takeaways:

Topological dependencies

  • Hull structures are stored topologically making modifications quick and easy
  • HiLTop module houses functions that add a new dimension to topology, taking the concept to a higher level
  • Possibility to set up special dependencies throughout the ship that can be controlled from a single location

Ruled-based Engineering

  • Items are sized automatically according to the respective class rule
  • Rule-based engineering assists the engineer and helps to avoid errors in design and production
  • Fast and easy to use in comparison with similar software

Production Information

  • Production information is directly derived from the 3D model and is always update
  • Visualize and simulate the build strategy of blocks, assemblies, subassemblies and panels
  • Enables users to define their own report layouts and logistic data fields required by the shipyard